Dangerous heat is coming to central Indiana; hottest in 7 years

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It’s coming! We’ve been advertising this “extreme heat” since last week. Excessive Heat Warnings will go into effect across Central Indiana Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m. and not expire until Sunday evening at 8 p.m.

A “Hot Dome” sets up over the region and will bring the hottest temperatures we’ve seen in over 7 years!! In fact, temperatures will be near the record high of 98° by Friday afternoon. That combined with very oppressive humidity brings dangerous conditions.

Heat is the #1 weather related killer, annually, in the United Stated. When very hot afternoon temperatures are followed by very warm overnight temperatures, a lot of stress is put on the body. When the body can’t get relief from the type of heat we will be seeing the next several days, it starts to shut down. That’s why heat is also known as a “silent killer.” Keep a very close eye on your children, pets and the elderly.

This brings up another important topic, of car temperatures. Sadly, 2018 marked a record number of children who died in hot cars. That’s a record we don’t ever want to break again. When your car A/C is off and the windows are rolled up, the temperature inside your car can rise very quickly. With temperatures in the mid-90s these next several days, the temperature can rise to nearly 130° in just 30 minutes.

Heat Warnings, Watches and Advisories are stretched across more then two dozen states.

Triple digit “feels like” temperatures are already in place out west. We will see “feels like” temperatures well above 100° Thursday through Sunday before we finally start to feel some relief Monday into Tuesday.

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