Don’t believe the hype; how to spot fake forecasts on social media

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Winter is approaching, and it is the time of year when snow forecast maps begin to float around on social media sites. Earlier in the month, one snow map spread on social media and it displayed very high snow totals. This did not verify!

Snow maps from unreliable sources are becoming more common and they are mixing in with forecasts created by credible sources, like the FOX59 Weather Team and the National Weather Service.

There are a few important things to look for when you come across social snow spam this winter. You first need to find the date for the snow event. Snow forecasts, especially more than three days out, can be inaccurate because of variable weather conditions. The path of a storm system may change and that will impact how much snow may drop in a particular location.

The next tip involves checking who posted the snow map. Is the map posted by a reliable/verified source? The FOX59 weather team and the local National Weather Service offices are examples of trustworthy sources. Our team of meteorologists at the station take a deeper dive into the forecast models and factor in the ever-changing conditions. We take our background in meteorology and experience to give you the most accurate information based on the latest data.

Make sure to check for a time stamp on snow maps being shared on the internet and social media platforms. A time stamp will include a date and time when a forecast was created. Our team strives to include this information on our maps to ensure people know they’re seeing our most up-to-date forecast numbers.  

The meteorologists at FOX59 promise to study the forecast and monitor the latest trends when tracking a winter storm. The team plans to post potential snow totals at least 48 hours prior to an event. At that point, our team will have a better, more accurate idea of a winter storm’s path and which locations could see the largest accumulations.

Our goal is to keep the public safe and informed when inclement weather is approaching. Our job to prepare you for a winter storm and potential travel problems for central Indiana. Do not solely focus on the amount of snow, but how a winter storm may impact you. It does not take much snow or ice to create dangerous travel conditions. We aim to prepare you for a winter storm and not scare you!

Be sure to check in with the FOX59 weather team for the most accurate forecasts this winter.

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