The cold air is behind us for now and rapid warming is expected entering the weekend. A full on pattern change could bring temperatures to nearly 80-degrees.

It’s a HISTORIC dry spell in its fourth week. This is the THE DRIEST on record since September 25th with lass than a tenth of an inch of rainfall. Many locations (30% of the state) have once again returned to MODERATE DROUGHT status per today’s report from The Drought Center. Most of the fall rainfall came in the opening two weeks of September. Autumn 2022 has now moved to among the driest on record, with October 2022 ranked third driest to-date and the driest since 2005.


It’s 182 days between out last and first freezing temps for Indianapolis this season, (last April 16th). That’s two weeks fewer than last year. Also, the low of 28° Thursday morning is the coldest OCTOBER TEMPERATURE in four years (2018)!
As forecast last week, many area temperatures fell to a HARD FREEZE early this morning. The coldest lows include 24° Crawfordsville (Montgomery Co) and 26° Clinton (Vermillion co).

Nearly hitting the mark – the FIRST FREEZE annually, on average falls on the 23rd of October. The first freeze of 2022 is two weeks earlier than last year.

Officially there will be no more frost and freeze advisories this season because technically the growing season has ended. However, IF you protected those plants – they will enjoy a strong warm spell. Indian Summer is to take hold soon!
Temperatures are warming quickly out west and will also rise rapidly here soon as we sever ties with the arctic branch of the jet stream. A ‘flattening’ of the upper-air flow will permit a flow of mild, oceanic air to spread across the once very chilly eastern U.S. This weekend will feature temperatures well into the mid/upper 70s and as much as 15-degrees above normal!



The trees are peaking in northern-third of state while dry conditions are hindering colors in southern portion of state. BURN BANS are now out for 20 counties, mainly in far southern Indiana. With strong warming and gusty winds all weekend long we are urging EXTREME CAUTION or holding off on any bonfires or burning. There will be an elevated fire danger through the weekend.
Rain has been elusive and looks to remain that way as shower chances look more dicey now for Monday and Tuesday. At the time of this post the next ‘best’ chance of rain will come Wednesday. We will monitor trends.