INDIANAPOLIS – After enjoying unusually mild weather through the first half of the month, Indiana will prepare for a plunge into mid-January levels of cold this upcoming week.

Our warmest day may barely reach 40

Back to back days were in the 30s this weekend and included 2-3″ of snow across much of the state too. The winter-like weather will not lighten its grip on the state to start the week with Monday morning lows in the 20s. The day will begin sunny and attribute to much of the warming we see. Clouds will build in the afternoon, but highs should still manage to reach the low 40s before the end of the day. This is expected to be the warmest day of the week even with highs 10 degrees below average.

Snow is expected to return

Temperatures will drop into the low 30s ahead of Tuesday and this will come as clouds build across the state. A storm system to our south will make a pass to our east, but enough moisture will spread north that light snow is expected through portions of the morning. Temperatures will climb in the afternoon and light snow may mix with rain at times. Accumulation is not out of the question, but will be minor at most. Highs will return to the upper 30s with clouds blanketing the entire sky.

Lingering snow showers will remain possible through Wednesday as a weak wave of energy passes through from the northwest. No more than a light coating is expected to come out of this. Highs remain in the upper 30s with gray skies.

Sun returns, but brings frigid weather

Skies will continually clear as we head into the later days of the week, but colder weather will flush into the region rapidly. Our first lows in the teens are likely over the weekend and we may even see highs in the 20s on Friday.