Monday was 3rd completely sunny day of 2020, so why were skies hazy?

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Technically, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky Monday. I honestly do not recall a sky over central Indiana that looked like this. Today’s sun was dimmed by high altitude wildfire smoke, the most impactful and vivid that I can recall. An amazing, hazy sun overhead led to this vivid sunrise from Four Winds Lakeside Inn camera at lake Monroe early Monday.

Full sunshine has been very hard to come by this year with only two days deemed 100% sunny, February 21 and March 7. Monday was the third, but the high altitude smoke dimmed the sun overhead.

True cloud cover will be at a minimum Tuesday, but we will add clouds Wednesday.

Rainfall has been terribly hard to come by as well. The rain chances remain minimal with only a few scattered showers possible Thursday. Since August 19, this is the DRIEST spell for the calendar dates in 112 years.

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