It’s worth a shot, Northen Lights may been seen here next two nights

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An update on the possible Northern Lights for Indiana.

A moderate intensity geomagnetic storm is forecast for tonight which means the Northern Lights just MAY be seen as far south as Indiana.

Clouds are breaking and it is looking to clear completely before sunrise Thursday.

The forecast strength of the storm would allow the potential for sighting again tomorrow night into Friday morning.

It’s worth a look and there is a shot given the predicted geo-storm strength.  The Space Weather Prediction Center issued a Moderate Geomagnetic Storm Watch earlier in the week, Rated a ‘G2’  with a Kp rating at 6 puts Indiana at entry level strength for seeing the lights.  A Kp 7 or higher is better.  What is the Kp?  per the SWPC – “Kp” is an excellent indicator of disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic field and is used by SWPC to decide whether geomagnetic alerts and warnings need to be issued for users who are affected by these disturbances.  Good luck and let me know if you see them!  Look north after sunset and keep a lookout through sunrise.



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