Some sun for some Monday, while a large portion of the area has been overcast for a week. The breaks are brief as a mid-week storm brings rain and wind here


Sunshine has been stingy and still is for most of us north of I-70. Its been a full week since many of us even saw the sum. Location, location, location. Clouds impact afternoon temperatures with only upper 30s under the heavy overcast while mid/upper 40s were reached where sun has emerged. Skies really brightened up south of Indianapolis Monday afternoon but many of us north were left overcast. December is the cloudiest month annually and this December is even cloudy for December standards. Only 21% possible sunshine so far this month, 38% is normal.

This is the 7th straight full day where temperatures are averaging above normal. The clouds have kept nighttime lows well above freezing for a week. With the breaks overhead Monday evening a heavy frost is likely early Tuesday morning with some lows in the 20s.


More clouds Tuesday then rain moves in. We are on the front side (mild side) of a large storm system that brings two surges of rain (and t-storms) starting Wednesday morning. Temps to rise into the 50s for a time Wednesday/Wednesday evening. After a lull the next surge of rain could send area totals to over one-inch before diminishing early Thursday morning.

The cold side of that storm is where frozen precipitation will fall and it may come as snow and freezing rain. Late Monday many states out west are blanketed under some form of winter advisory that includes blizzard warnings for portions of four states.

The long-advertised mid-December pattern overhaul begins later this week. After a mild Wednesday, temps to average well below normal this weekend. Cold pattern has staying power with high probability of below normal temps for much of the Nation thru week of Christmas. Does that mean snow? Details at this distance are sketchy and usually get ironed out over time. The short answer is yes, but still a work in progress. In my experience’s with this kind of pattern overhaul, the snow usually finds the cold. Stay tuned.