After a terrific start the day ended with passing downpours and a few thunderstorms. Rain chances return again soon


The early morning temperatures were a real treat starting in the middle 50s, late September levels Tuesday. The coolest 55° Logansport followed by 56° in Crawfordsville. The 61° low in Indianapolis is the coolest for the city since July 9th, 31 days ago.


Downpours will continue along with a few brief thunderstorms through sunset Tuesday. These ‘diurnal’ (driven by the heating of the day) rains will diminish in coverage and intensity as we approach sunset. A few brief downpour will be possible along with a thunderstorm or two through 11pm.


These are the DOG DAYS of summer but they haven’t been barking. This summer has only produced eight 90-degree days, eleven fewer than last year to-date. The reason, the jet stream has been in what meteorologist call a “Northwest Flow” – the default pattern here all summer long. This flow keeps the massive hot dome from really establishing and expanding into the eastern U.S. The next several days will remain milder than normal.