We’ve surpassed the midway point of Meteorological Winter with a mild stretch that has reached its third week. Temps surge again with rain arriving Wednesday

It’s turned cooler late day Tuesday as clouds settled in from the north however when skies were sunny we had another very mild day. The high Tuesday was at mid-March levels and the full day temperature average was a whopping 21-degrees above normal. Tuesday marked the 21st consecutive day at or above normal.

We’ve just passed the midway point of meteorological winter. Since December 1st, thirty-three days have averaged above normal (69%). This winter to-date currently ranks among the top 15% warmest on record. And we are not done yet.

A parade of storms continues with the next in the series arriving Wednesday into Thursday. We are once again on the ‘warm’ side of the storm with rain, and plenty of it to fall. Downpours and an embedded t-storm could bring one-inch plus totals into early Thursday morning.

Temperatures are set to surge again late Wednesday into Thursday to spring levels well before sunrise Thursday. We are forecasting a high temp of 56° Thursday morning, could some locations reach 60°? It’s very possible but once again it will not last long. The departing storm will once again pull down cooler air as it departs during the day Thursday.

So where is winter?

There are signs of winter out there but not here. The storms track is northwest of the state of Indiana. That places the potential for several inches of snow to fall in the storms ‘cold’ sector. Multiple states are under some form of winter advisory Wednesday night and Thursday, including winter storm warnings blanketing most of the state of Nebraska.

We’re closing in on a snowfall deficit of 10″ below normal. We have yet to have a measures snow this January but that could change as early as this weekend. There are hints that the overall pattern may begin to settle back to a more seasonal brand of cold and this Sunday, the next storm in the series could produce snow here. It is still several days out and we will be monitoring trends. Stay tuned winter weather enthusiasts, we still have plenty of ‘winter’ to go.