Relentless dry spell carries on; Warm September turns hotter as record heat heads our way

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Not good – UPDATE:  We moved to the 7th DRIEST September on record today. DRIEST in 20 years and well over 2″ below normal in Indianapolis.
Abnormally dry conditions have increased 41% from last week while moderate drought conditions jump 26% across Indiana per the Drought Center.   Now burn bans BURN BANS across the state are also expanding.   Over a dozen counties are now declaring county-wide bans as of Thursday afternoon.
Holding out for rain is a real problem. There is little hope for significant rainfall here as showers and storms likely head north starting Friday.  Heat and humidity surge (instability too) but the rain and storm threat appears to head north starting Friday afternoon. Perhaps out neighbors in north-central Indiana get under a few storms but it is much more unlikely south.
I’m offering out a small window for some rain Friday afternoon, evening and early Saturday but the window will close starting Sunday.
We are about to enter a historic run of heat ending September and entering October with several daily high and low temperatures in jeopardy of falling. Afternoon highs could top 90-degrees Monday through next Wednesday setting records for the dates and early morning lows will be so warm that record ‘warm’ minimum temperatures will also fall.
Many areas of the eastern U.S. will be setting records as the late season upper-air HOT DOME anchors over the southeast U.S.  Meanwhile snow and cold emerge in the west.  The highly amplified pattern is very unusually weather for late September and early October.  With 18 straight days above normal here the string will easily continue well into next week.  Any relief is on hold until next Thursday when a cold front enters the state.

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