Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) season underway

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The cloudiest months annually are here and November 2019 to date is living up to its billing as the 3rd cloudiest annually.

We haven’t had a nearly clear day since the first of the month and unfortunately the turn to clouds is much more shocking considering October was the sunniest month of 2019.

December is the cloudiest annually with only 39% possible sunshine followed by January (40%) and November’s 41%.


We have reported on it over the past few winters, especially during the harsh and snowy winter of 2014.

Seasonal affective disorder is caused by a lack of sunlight that leads to a chemical imbalance in Vitamin D. Patients are commonly treated with light therapy, a procedure where they are exposed to special light bulbs that help boost their mood.

Check with your doctor if you think you’re suffering from the disorder.

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