Sharp cool down, wet and breezy this evening; Sunny but cooler weekend

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A strong front is moving through the state today. This system is triggering rain, wind and much cooler temperatures.

This afternoon, temperatures behind the front have already dropped down into the 30’s and 40’s in states to our west. We’ll see a big drop in temperatures in Indiana this evening.

If you don’t like the chillier weather headed our way, it could be worse… Blizzard Warnings, Winter Storm Warnings, Freeze Warnings, and Freeze Watches are all out west. Some not too far away though!

If you have plans this evening, you’ll definitely want to dress accordingly. Temperatures will drop quickly and much earlier in the evening than they typically do. You’ll definitely need warm clothing and an umbrella or rain jacket handy. Along with the sharp drop in temperatures, winds will be quite breezy too – adding to the extra chill in the air.

Although temperatures are cooling quite quickly, we still hit a high of 71°. So far, we have had 32 consecutive days of above average temperatures. We’ll have to see how far they fall this evening to see if we can include today as number 33.

If we don’t snap the streak today, we likely will by Saturday. The weekend will be off to a chilly start with lows dropping to the upper 30’s for many of us. However, the weekend overall still looks pretty nice. It will certainly be cooler, with highs in the low and mid 60’s. The rain clears out before sunrise Saturday, leaving sunny and breezy conditions around through the weekend.

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