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Happy Sunday! Can you believe it's already December? The year and the decade are nearly over. December begins the first day of meteorological winter. You may be thinking, "I thought winter started on December 21st." You are correct! That's when astronomical winter begins. That is based on the position of the Earth relative to the sun. Meteorological winter, and the other meteorological seasons are based on the annual temperature cycle. Winter is calculated by the coldest three months of the year, December, January and February, as a whole. This makes it easier to calculate seasonal statistics, which are used for many purposes, such as agriculture. Our meteorological fall in Indianapolis for 2019 ranks as the 48th warmest fall on record. Not that impressive. However, we did have some very impressive temperature swings over the season. We had record smashing warmth at the beginning of October, followed by record shattering cold that came with and arctic blast at the beginning of November. November 2019 came in as the 15th coldest November on record.

Temperatures started off warm this morning, peaking at 49° just after midnight. They have been falling throughout the day and have dropped down into the mid 30's this afternoon. With wind chills in 20's, it's a very chilly finish to the weekend. Temperatures will fall a few more degrees, to right around freezing, by early Monday morning. That means we could see some slick spots on the roads during the morning rush.

Scattered rain showers having been mixing with snowflakes this afternoon. That moisture will stick with us through the evening and some of us will see a transition over to snow showers by early tomorrow morning. With temperatures so close to freezing, some will stay slightly too warm for snow and will continue to see rain or a wintry mix instead. Accumulating snow will be very minor or non existent for most. However, a few could see a dusting or light accumulations on elevated surfaces like the grass or patio furniture. Again, take it slow Monday morning. Moisture on the ground and temperatures near freezing means we could see some slick spots on the roads, especially untreated surfaces.

Nearly 2 dozen states under some sort of winter weather alert as we finish off the holiday weekend. This is impacting travel plans for thousands across the U.S. Pack some patience if you're heading to the airport this evening. Thousands of flights have already been delayed.

Calm, mild and sunny conditions will great us by mid next week.


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