A frosty start with the COOLEST air of the season early Tuesday. Outlying locations dipped to and below freezing around sunrise. These were normal for late NOVEMBER. The First frost (36°) officially for the city of Indianapolis is nearing. On average the first low of 36° falls on the 12th of October. The average first freeze will fall on the 23rd of October. Last year we escaped the entire month of October without an official frost or a freeze.

The weather has been stellar in central Indiana with nearly flawless skies since last Friday. The sunny streak is the longest of the year and not ending yet.

DRY AIR heats quickly and some locations the temperature rose over 40-degrees since early morning! Muncie was 43° warmer, with relative humidity of only 16%!

The warming continues Wednesday with another stunning sky expected. Afternoon temperatures could reach the upper 70s Wednesday and Thursday before a cold front passes.

Along with the sunny streak, we’ve gone dry with no measured rain here in eleven days. A few widely scattered showers are possible early Thursday and then again late day sweeps into the state.