Sunny streak will continue, More 50-degree days before a cold blast

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Back to back sunny days in central Indiana and suddenly our cloudy December takes a turn!  Entering Wednesday with only 10% the possible sunshine the past two days have really helped.  Sunshine in December is at a premium when you consider it is the cloudiest month of the year.

Clouds will return overnight and to start Friday but move out to reveal another great afternoon and a pretty sunset to start the weekend.  The forecast for mostly sunny skies for Saturday still holds but changes will begin Sunday.

Despite turning cloudy, Sunday will be mild as upper-level and surface winds turn southwest.


Only a few days into the month and the cold weather has remained absent, not only here but across the nation.  Nation-wide, its very quiet, with no strong storms and very few advisories for winter weather.  As of Tuesday evening the cold remains bottled up as a west to east jet stream bathes the nation with more mild air that originated from the Pacific ocean.  The pattern will hold well into next week and brings milder weather here for the second half of the weekend.

The long advertised pattern change is to unfold starting next week as a surge of warm air heads north along the western coast of the continent.  The buckle in the jet stream will aid in forcing the colder, polar branch of the jet stream to dive south.  Two cold fronts will sweep the state by mid-week sending temperatures tumbling from the mid 50s Monday to a high near 20-degrees on Wednesday.

Will the cold bring snow?  While no significant systems are expected with cold coming next week there is a strong likelihood that will change as we get closer to weekend and early next week.  Where there is cold the snow will follow, and the more finite details in snow making are harder to identify when still several days out.  In fact a change from yesterday and along the lines what we are thinking, there is now a hint of a "clipper" low diving south Wednesday.  We will monitor trends.

Looking ahead, the predicted wavy pattern seem to be really taking shape with a reload of cold air and a more active southern branch of the jet stream.  Winter may be awakening soon.

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