Summer heat and humidity may be staging a comeback especially late month. A warm up precedes rain chances this weekend

Found them. Afternoon clouds build to produce some very ISOLATED showers. Two showing here in Indianapolis just before 5:30pm. These spotty showers are the product of a weak upper-low churn, heating of the day and most likely aid by some extra heating from the city. These brief showers are to dissipate as the sun moves lower in the sky and now that we are beyond peak heating.

Better rain chances are on the horizon reached 40% coverage Saturday afternoon and as high as 50% coverage Sunday and a weak, upper-low wobbles south for the weekend. The low, caught in this jet stream pattern will encourage the shower and storm threat west on Friday then drift east through Monday. We are expecting to carry a shower chance into Monday before the low moves on.


Make no mistake, the afternoons have been warm but slightly below average, it is these incredible mornings that included a low of 49° in Marion early Thursday that have really made this a delightful spell. Friday will open for many locations away from the city of Indianapolis in the 50s for the FOURTH straight morning!

Thursday was the 8th CONSECUTIVE full-day that we averaged BELOW NORMAL in Indianapolis. The LONGEST stretch of the summer AND for the year. A upper-low will slowly drop south entering the weekend aiding in a rise in temperatures, humidity and the real threat for downpours and even a few storms. The weak system will lag into Monday bringing a daily rainfall threat peaking Sunday at nearly 50% coverage. This feature will permit the milder pattern top continue into early next week and extend the stretch of no 90-degree days to beyond two weeks.


So, what are the chances we escape the rest of the summer without a 90-degree day? Very slim. Scanning weather records, over 151 years only 27 years failed to produce a 90° temperature from August 15th on, that’s just under 18%. The last time was in 2006.Off long-range forecasts, there is growing support of renewed heat and humidity with potential 90s in the mix to close August and to open the month of September.