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Whether you were out in the elements or hearing the roar from inside your home, it was hard to ignore the wind today. Lafayette recorded a peak wind gust of 63 mph while Indianapolis was close at 61 mph.

Winds will ease through the evening hours but still remain on the breezy side, gusting near 30 mph through midnight. College football teams will have their work cut out for them this evening.


Not only are we dealing windy conditions, but some wintry weather is also threatening a few of us. As spotty showers move through the area, it’s possible a few wet snowflakes or ice pellets could work their way in the mix. Areas with the best chances to see some flakes will be those off to our north and east.


As winds ease overnight and temperatures continue to drop, central Indiana residents will want to plan for frost and freezing conditions by early Sunday morning. Lows will drop into the lower 30’s and upper 20’s. Have the winter coat ready for when you walk out the door tomorrow morning.


We could be finishing up a mid-October snow storm. 29 years ago today, we wrapped up a 3-day snow storm that started on October 18th, 1989. That’s the earliest date on record for measurable snow for the city. About .2″ fell by midnight on the first day, but we would go on to receive a total of 9.3″ of snow from the 18th to the 20th.

Trees and power lines toppled under the weight of the heavy/wet snow. Only 10 Octobers on record have produced measurable snow – the last time in 2014 with .1″. Prior to 2014, 1993 had 2.4″.

Scanning weather records, October is the month that the first flakes fall. 37 Octobers on record have produced a trace or more of snow – 25 percent. Will we see them this year? As we mentioned earlier, some of us could see them this evening.

Thank you to the Indianapolis Star for the snapshot of the newspaper dated Friday October 20, 1989. Note just days after the huge California earthquake that rocked the World Series that year.

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