INDIANAPOLIS – Back to back days have now been spent well below average highs amongst cloudy skies. At long last however, the gray weather is ready to move out. Along with the clouds, the cooler weather will be quick to exit too. Next up: a late season hot dome…

Wednesday pulls a 180°

Before we even reach the start of Wednesday, clouds will be moving out. The overnight sky will clear quickly and this will allow lows to return to the 50-55 range across much of Central Indiana. Despite the cool start, it will not take much to warm up. A pure, sunny sky will greet us at sunrise and hang around through the entire day. Along with some help from dry air, temperatures will race into the low 80s later in the day! Another dry, clear, and cool evening will follow this nice day.

Late season heat wave looms

A broad area of high pressure will anchor in the Eastern US late this work week and dry air will be preserved through the region. This will help keep our sky clear and certainly allow for cool nights in tandem with warm days. Thursday & Friday will continue to warm, especially as a southerly wind enters the equation. Each day will feature lows in the 55-59 range with highs in the mid 80s.

The heat will continue to crank as we head through the weekend. A ridge will already be present across the Central US, but will really build the farther we go along. Highs on Saturday & Sunday will be in the upper 80s with mostly sunny conditions going strong.

Early and middle next week will be the hottest days of this stretch. It is certainly possible for Indianapolis to find itself in the 90s each of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday! Of course, this is still a week away, but the signal for this kind of heat is certainly present.