Indy’s high of 81° Thursday marked the second day of the warm stretch that will end the summer season and begin the fall season here. Thanks to upper-level ridging taking place, that’s allowing the warmer temperatures here. The latest drought monitor was also released and the situation across the state did get worse.

Friday marks the last day of summer and it will feel more like mid-August around Central Indiana. Tonight, our skies will begin to clear and set up a very nice sunny stretch into the weekend. Expect highs in the low-to-mid 80s for both Friday and Saturday with mostly sunny skies. A few more clouds will be around Sunday but it will remain mainly dry and mild with highs near 80°. Temperatures next week will start to lower just a bit day by day. However, forecast highs for the most part look to remain above normal even just by a few degrees.

That’s because next week, we’re likely going to have a Rex Blocking pattern set up across Canada and the lower 48. A rex block is also known as the “high over low” blocking pattern that places an area of high pressure north above an area of low pressure. The jet stream essentially breaks up and moves around this block.

Any incoming weather-makers will be guided away from us as they’ll ride around the block. It will also keep only a little bit of moisture in our atmosphere and keep the higher amounts out of here. That’s why our rain chances are slim to none in the coming days. That’s not good as the drought monitor expanded the moderate drought to cover 33% of the Hoosier State.

The rex-blocking pattern will also keep our temperatures pretty consistent and mild for the most part. Both of these are shown on the latest 8-14 day temperature/precipitation outlooks going into the beginning of October.

Enjoy the warmth into the weekend as fall will start on a “summery” note. Very slim rain chances exist into next week. Due to the lack of moisture present in our atmosphere, any rainfall in the forecast has low confidence for now.