After an extended stretch of very cold weather for November, a promised warm-up is underway.


The long advertised warm-up is officially underway. Despite starting very cold (low in Indianapolis was 22°, Monday afternoon was nearly 20-degrees warmer than Sunday and the WARMEST here in ten days. The official high of 51° was actually just a shade above the normal of 49° and it felt 50-degrees warmer than some locations after wind-chills dipped to near zero early Sunday morning.

We have officially severed ties with the polar branch of the jet stream and the entire eastern half of the Nation has had a jump in temperatures. Also, the Lake Effect snow machine has shut down as a milder, pacific brand of air streams east.

The state of Indiana was not untouched by big snow totals. Check out these numbers from northern Indiana.

MISHAWAKA 3.9 ENE                    20.0                    
GRANGER 1.8 ENE                      16.4                    
GOSHEN 3.0 WSW                        9.6                    
SOUTH BEND 3.3 SE                     8.7  
EAST GRAND RAPIDS 0.7 SSW            30.8                    
CALEDONIA 4.4 WNW                    27.0                    
GRAND RAPIDS 3.0 NW                  26.2                    
LOWELL 5.5 NW                        24.4                    
EAST JORDAN 2.1 NNW                  24.1                    
GRAWN 1.3 SSW                        23.8                    
ELMIRA 2.2 ESE                       23.4                    
ADA 0.7 SE                           23.0                    
TRAVERSE CITY 6.1 SW                 23.0                    
PAW PAW 2.0 NE                       22.9                    
KALAMAZOO 5.6 E                      21.0                    
OTSEGO 0.9 WNW                       21.0 

Some of the final tallies from New York were staggering

ORCHARD PARK 1 NE                    80.0                    
HAMBURG 1.9 NNW                      77.6                    
ATHOL SPRINGS                        76.0                    
ELMA CENTER 0.7 SE                   65.0                    
BOSTON 2.5 NE                        51.5                    
EAST AURORA 0.1 ENE                  51.3                    
WEST CARTHAGE 0.3 ENE                51.0 


Work week opens mainly storm-free across the entire Nation. Will remain that way through the big travel day Wednesday with the exception of the Pacific Northwest.

With a more “flat”, west to east pattern overhead the milder air has spread east and above normal afternoons are expected for much of the upcoming week. Wednesday could reach 60-degrees in some locations ahead along with mostly sunny conditions.

We need some rainfall here as this autumn continued to be very dry. As of Monday we’ve had less than half the normal precipitation this fall and are nearing 5″ below normal since September 1st.

There are a few rain chances in the forecast but at this time amounts look to be light. The first showers are expected to arrive late in the day on Thanksgiving with a few showers expected again early Friday, late Saturday and again early on Sunday.