Sunshine returned Tuesday and aided in a nice temperature rise, a warm front passes Wednesday bringing gusty winds and even warmer temperatures

Just add sunshine! Late Tuesday skies are brightening from west to east. Locations, where the sun was out warmed well into the 60s. Mildest afternoon since last Friday. Clearing has just reached Columbus as seen in the image below. At 5pm the temperatures ranged from 55° in Columbus to 63° in Lafayette. Clearing will continue rest of the evening and leads to a chilly night area wide. Lows outlying could dip into the upper 30s by sunrise Wednesday.

A windy warm up Wednesday when we get behind this warm front. (That’s a lot of w’s!) Temperatures jump and a 70-degree day is within reach!


We’ve hit the midway point of meteorological fall and to-date more than half the days have averaged above normal. Despite the recent downturn in afternoon temperatures, three straight afternoons only in the 50s, that streak was snapped today. With 56% of the days above the full day temperature average is 3° warmer than last year to-date.

Rainfall this fall has been a challenge but improved recently. Nearly 3″ of rainfall so-far this season is still at a deficit of nearly 2″ in Indianapolis.