‘Wavy’ weather pattern to end the month of April

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We had an eye-catching spread in temperatures Tuesday afternoon from north to south. There was more of a March feel north late in the day, while a May-like afternoon continued for the third straight day. An overcast developed late in the day as temperatures lowered nearly 15-degrees in only a matter of hours.

Down from 68° just after 10:30 a.m., the temperate will continue to lower through the night. Early Wednesday morning, many locations will have dipped into the 30s by sunrise.


Location is the key Wednesday and everything is flipped favoring a warmer and brighter day north. The front will stall south, acting as a focus for a few scattered showers and restricting temperatures to the upper 50s while sunshine north will warm area thermometers into the low/mid 60s.

Showers will become more numerous late in the day Wednesday and into Thursday morning as the front slowly migrates north.


We’re nearing the end of April and our pattern is becoming wavy. The day to day changes can be quite impressive as the chill of winter still lingers and the warmth of spring tries to take hold.

A flow in the jet stream that originates from the northwest will transfer systems rather frequently, day-and-half to two day intervals, bringing rain chances and temperature swings with it well into the weekend.

At this time we’ve identified two, one Thursday and again later Saturday for the more significant rain chances then lean toward Monday for another. We will stay on top of the fast flow and the quick changing forecast and will keep you up to date!

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