We’re in the snow hole; No measured snow since December’s open, how rare is it to have so little snow?

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We are into the second week of January and central Indiana has not had a blanket of snow. The last measured snow came in mid-November.

How rare is this to not have a measured snow this late into a January? Well, it is a first. We scanned weather records and found since the snowfall records began 137 years ago, we have never NOT had at least some measured snow in the first 41 days of meteorological winter. Prior to this season, the least was a mere one-tenth of an inch in 1942. The first image below, is a map of total snow across the Midwest. The “snow hole” runs from eastern Missouri through central Indiana.

The snow season is actually much longer starting in October and running into May, averaging about 25″ annually. The latest snow ever recorded was May 8th, 1923 (.9″) and the only snow recorded this year was on November 14th when a half-inch was recorded. To-date we are nearing 10″ below the normal.

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