Winter storm underway; hazardous conditions developing

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The winter storm has arrived! The mix of snow and rain moved into Indiana near 2 AM, and it is now filling into central Indiana this morning. The wintry mix will become widespread over the area between 6-7 AM and it will continue to fall for the remainder of the day.

This system will provide a much larger variety in precipitation types compared to the storm we had last weekend. The diving polar jet stream will create a very quick change in temperatures. This gradient will also come along with very gusty winds, especially as we get into the afternoon. Remember back to last week? We had a steady snow with very little wind impacts. Today, as winds pick up, areas seeing snow will likely have greatly reduce visibility. Those flakes will be wind whipped and create hazardous driving conditions for motorists. Winds gusting up toward 40 mph will be possible by later this afternoon.

This morning, we have quite the divide across the state. Warmer temperatures to the south and cooler to the north is splitting the state in half with many waking up to rain, others to snow and some waking up right along the divide, where you’re seeing more of a sleet/wintry mix.

The location of this divide is going to greatly impact snow totals. We are looking for these snow showers to come in two waves. The first coming through right now, mainly north of I-70. The second will come as we get into the afternoon and evening. At this time, temperatures will begin to fall below freezing, we’ll transition to all snow across the state and that’s when our southern counties will finally get their round of heavy snow showers.

Right now, it’s looking like our heaviest pockets of snow will be off to our northeastern counties, followed by another band of heavier snow totals that will come to our southeastern counties later tonight.

Get the snow shoveling done ASAP! After this storm finally moves on out late tonight, temperatures are going to take a dive. Arctic air will be swinging in. Temperatures falling throughout the day on Sunday will drop temperatures into the subzero range by early Monday morning. If you don’t get your snow removed right away, it will only get more difficult as the frigid air moves in and freezes that snow to the surfaces.


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