INDIANAPOLIS – Gusty winds and incredibly dry air have prompted a red flag warning across Central Indiana.

Red flag warning

A combination of gusty winds, low humidity, and dry air have prompted a red flag warning across Central Indiana. This means it will be much easier to start a fire that has the potential to spread rapidly. Dry fuel on the ground contributes to this. Dry fuel can be fall leaves falling to the ground, debris, and not to mention just dry land. We are finally emerging from minor drought conditions from over the summer. Dry vegetation and grass are going to pose a threat as well if a spark is nearby.

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Another red flag warning for Friday

The National Weather Service has already issued red flag warnings for several Indiana counties Friday. This will be from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Similar conditions are in place for tomorrow that make the environment especially hazardous for fire conditions.

A new record on the US drought monitor!

The latest drought report came out this morning & includes more than 81% of the US in at least abnormally dry conditions! That’s the largest % of the country abnormally dry. This new data now places October 11th, 2022 in front of July 17th, 2012 drought coverage.

Finally breaking the dry spell!

But not by much. We recorded 0.02″ of rainfall at the Indianapolis airport today. So officially, the 18 consecutive days of no measured rainfall comes to an end.

Gusty winds and dry air

Wind gusts reached over 40 mph in Indianapolis on Thursday. Several locations hit will over 30 mph on wind gusts as well, including Lafayette at 40 mph. Dew point temperatures fell into the low and middle 20s, which contributed to incredibly dry air over head.

Friday at a glance

Friday will feature a bit of sunshine and mixed clouds. High temperatures will bounce back into the low 60s Friday afternoon. More windy and dry conditions will be in place Friday.