INDIANAPOLIS – Pockets of light snow showers move through before a big warm up is underway!

Freezing drizzle, pockets of snow

Freezing drizzle, flurries, and pockets of light snow showers linger across the state, and will continue into Monday evening. Freezing fog possible tonight into Tuesday morning as well. Wind chills may drop into the single digits Tuesday morning as well.

What to expect Tuesday

Drought conditions worsen

In east-central Indiana, a severe drought is now in place. Dry conditions are still present for central and northern Indiana. A moderate drought remains in effect for the rest of the state. more than an inch of rainfall is lacking from December alone. This after one of the driest fall seasons on record.

Midweek warm up!

Tuesday and Wednesday will be transition days between the deep cold and unseasonably mild weather! Tuesday’s high will be close to 30 degrees with a bit more sun, but a southwesterly wind will be establishing mild air not far to our south. On Wednesday, that mild air will begin to move in as highs jump into the mid 40s, accompanied by a sun & cloud mix.

Indianapolis 7 day forecast

The warmest days this week will be Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as it stands now. These days will come as a storm system to the west pulls mild air from the Gulf of Mexico. Along with temperatures that will be in the mid 50s, clouds and showers are expected. Thursday may be a mainly gray day, but Friday and especially Saturday will be rainy too. Still, the return of highs to the mid and even upper 50s may be a welcome return with how cold it has been!