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LAWRENCE COUNTY, IND. — A powerful storm rolled through Central and Southern parts of Indiana, Wednesday, knocking out power for hundreds of customers and knocking down trees in its path.

About 1,400 people were without power in Lawrence County, Wednesday evening, as crews worked through the rain to fix snapped poles and down power lines.

Jeremy Baker was outside his Springville home working on a project when the sky went dark and the winds picked up.

“I could just see limbs and leaves and debris just flying everywhere,” he recalled.

His neighbor, April Jones, had just pulled up to her house from a trip to Tennessee.

“It wasn’t probably two to three minutes after I walked in and said “Hi” to my mom, the sky just went black,” she told Fox 59. She and her family ran to the basement and held on.

“It felt like the house was shaking and like it was to the point where it felt like your ears were gonna bust.”

When she came back outside, she saw a large tree down. The storm knocked it down the opposite direction so it missed the house.

There were tree limbs down all over her yard and had crushed her car.

“Up here it has caved in the hood of my car,” she said as she pointed to the damage. “It shattered out my entire back window.”

Although, she said the damage around her home “looks like my worst nightmare,” she is thankful no one got hurt.

“If I would’ve been five minutes late getting here, I probably would’ve hit this tornado coming down the road and things could’ve been a whole lot worse,” she said. “For it to actually happen to our family, it’s kinda a wake up call that just because you think it’s not gonna happen to you doesn’t mean it can’t.”

The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department reported no injuries from the storms, Wednesday evening.