Wet year yields very little sunshine but improvements are coming


Searching for sunshine and we found it Monday. It sure has been hard to come by and honestly would lift spirits. So we bring the sunshine to you! Below the image from our camera at The Four Winds Lake side Inn Monday. They were one of the few locations that brightened up Monday.

Sunshine is a commodity at this point and for right reasons. The March sun is stronger and higher in the sky at at anytime in the past four months. The sunshine from this point going forward aid a temperature rise of as much as 15-degrees. Note the spread in temperatures late Monday!

March is among the cloudier months in the year but does nudge forward to 50% possible sunshine. To date, no such luck – less than half this March at only 24%.


While some sun could emerge early Tuesday another weather system will quickly spread clouds across the state and bring showers in by afternoon and evening. Scattered showers will increase to nearly 70% coverage late Tuesday. Additional rainfall should be light but will add to the growing concern that we are just to wet entering the critical time of the year for farmers to work the fields and begin their spring planting.

Since January 1st, we’re now to 12.56″ of precipitation, or just over one and half times the normal. Normal to-date is 7.52″

Scanning weather records, this is now the wettest year-to-date since 1950 and ranks 7th wettest all-time.


Temperatures have been a struggle with the very first weekend of spring not even getting out of the thirties for most. Monday marked the 3rd straigh day below normal.

Despite some rain later Tuesday, clouds along with some sun will develop Wednesday allowing a rise to near 60-degrees mid-week. The extended outlook at this distance is promising for warmer temperatures this weekend. Could our first 70-degree day finally arrive this weekend? There is a very good chance we surge Saturday in-between rounds of showers and possible Thunderstorms as temperatures could elevate to 20° above normal. We will keep you posted!

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