What day is the hottest day of the year in Indianapolis?


Which calendar day is arguably the hottest day of the year? Making a good case is today, July 14.

On this date, the hottest temperature ever recorded was tied in Indianapolis at 106° in 1936. There were two other occasions reaching 106°, July 21 of 1934 and July 22 of 1921.

It was also on this date that the state’s all-time high temperature was set at 116° in Collegeville, Indiana – the site of St. Joseph’s College. On that day, other all-time highs included:

  • 110° Bloomington
  • 110° Columbus
  • 110° Kokomo
  • 110° Oolitic
  • 109° Rockville
  • 109° Greenfield
  • 107° Rushville
  • 107° Greencastle

The 106° temperature officially set on July 14 and on numerous other dates stands as the record, however, 107° was recorded unofficially on July 25 of 1934, but it was taken prior to the airport being recognized as the official record station. 

Dating back 150 years, the city of Indianapolis has recorded 3,161 days of 90°-plus high temperatures. July 14 has produced 48 of them, the most of any calendar day. Two of those reports topped 100°.

Topping 100°, well that has happened 72 times on record. Several days have reached 100° on three occasions, including is July 15, July 21 and July 28.

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