The first Friday of June produced two season’s in one day, temperatures ranged as much as 35-degrees over the course of the day. And we could do it again Saturday.

40s in June are a real treat and are much harder to come by moving forward. Saving on some A/C, early morning lows fell to 48° Crawfordsville and West Lafayette. It’s the DRY AIR combined with the high sun angle warms temps as much as 35° since this morning. Muncie’s relative humidity was only 14% at 5pm Friday. Our weather is behaving more like a desert air mass.

Out west the desert climate produces some of the largest daily temperature spreads, sometime the air can cool well into the lower 40s then heat into the lower 100s, on a daily basis. In Death Valley, Ca in 2020 – the temperature topped 130° with a relative humidity of 7%.

And what a day. The lack of humidity affords these camera images seemingly to go on for miles. No haze to obstruct the horizon Friday afternoon. What a sky overhead Friday, it was among only twelve days this entire year, this sunny. Only three days this entire year were deemed 100% sunny, one in January (1/26) and two in February (2/20 & 2/27).

Clear skies and the dry air will allow temperatures to quickly cool after sunset (9:09PM) with Saturday to open very mild again. Could a few locations go back below 50°? It’s possible. We will add some humidity as we go deeper into the weekend but for now, rain chances are on hold until Monday.