Would you consider snowfall on Halloween a trick or a treat? Snow on Halloween is very unlikely, but not unheard of here in Indiana.

Highest snowfall totals on Halloween around Indiana

Areas of Indiana have seen snowfall on Halloween, some higher than others.

  • Indianapolis: 0.1″ in 1890 & 2014
  • Fort Wayne: 1.5: in 1917; in recent years: 0.5″ in 2019
  • Evansville: 0.5″ in 1993
  • Terre Haute: No measurable snowfall has been recorded on Halloween

What are the chances of snowfall on Halloween around Indiana?

Records began in 1871 in Indianapolis. The chance of Indy seeing snowfall on Halloween is 1%. The records began in 1897 in Fort Wayne. The chances of Fort Wayne seeing snowfall on Halloween are 3%, given it has snowed on Halloween in Fort Wayne at least 5 times in recorded history.

Records in Evansville began in 1897. The chance of snowfall on Halloween in Evansville is 1%.

Records in Terre Haute only go back to 1954, but given there has never been measurable snowfall in recorded history on Halloween, there is less than a 1% chance of snowfall in Terre Haute on Halloween.