What was the warmest Presidential Election Day on record in Indianapolis and how often does it rain?


We enjoyed dry and very mild conditions for this presidential election day in central Indiana.  It is actually VERY quiet across the Nation with no real storms or inclement weather from coast to coast. Today’s sunshine and clear skies were the best sky conditions since October 13th and only among 19 days this year this clear. The fear of rain and lousy weather is always a concern for voter turnout so we did some checking.

Weather records date back to 1871 so we were able to scan 38 Presidential elections dating back to November 5th, 1872. 

This year was the warmest since 2008’s 73° high temperature.  That election was the third warmest on record just shy of the 74° temperature set in 1964 (Lyndon B. Johnson vs. Barry Goldwater) and 1916 (Woodrow Wilson vs. Justice Charles Evans Hughes).  The average high temperature this time of year is in the upper 50s.

Rain is always a concern but not this year.  It is also the first rain-free Presidential election since 2008, light rain arrived early in 2016 and a cold ran fell in 2012.  Of the 38 elections on record, 19 or half have produced a trace or more.  The wettest on record was November 2nd 2004 with 1.51” of rain.  And it did snow – once.  November 2nd 1920 recorded a “trace” of snow.

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