INDIANAPOLIS — While it has been cooler than average in Indianapolis for the last few days, we are not done with the heat. We will keep the 70s and 80s the rest of the week, which is normal here in central Indiana. Our average highs through the rest of August stay in the 80s.

The low humidity and cooler airmass dropped our morning lows in some areas into the upper 50s over the last few days too, giving us that cool, crisp feeling. Are you itching for the fall weather yet? Well, you’ll have to keep waiting.

When do we see our last 90s of the season?

Temperatures have reached the 90s as late as October 8 — the most recent recorded 90° back in 2007. Nineties are possible into September but typically stay in the 80s.

When will it feel like fall in Indiana?

Our average high temperatures drop from the 80s in August to the 70s in September. Our average overnight low temperatures drop from the 60s in August to the 50s in September. Our average high temperatures don’t drop into the 60s until October 7!

When does fall begin?

The fall equinox begins on September 22, 2022. We still have a ways to go before the fall season officially begins.

When will leaves start to change color?

For various parts of the state, fall colors peak at different times. For the northern part of Indiana, peak fall foliage is usually the beginning of October. For Indianapolis, it is usually mid to late October. For southern Indiana, peak fall foliage is at the end of October. 

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