Wildfire smoke overhead again Tuesday


Fires continue to rage out west with seven new large fires reported Tuesday, upping the total to now 83 wildfires in progress. Mainly every state along and west of the Rockies are reporting wildfires with 20 ongoing in Montana and 18 in Idaho. The dry and terribly hot conditions are behind the fires that are currently burning 1,293,636 acres out west.

We can see the smoke – overhead again in central Indiana care off upper-level steering winds. We noted the smoke Monday as the evening sunset was a vivid one and Tuesday the smoke plume is thicker especially from central Indiana east through Ohio. A fiery sunset can be expected again Tuesday evening as the smoke plume overhead remains quite high and watch for the moon overhead later tonight. It too will be impacted producing more of an orange hue later tonight.

The smoke plume will be diverted later this week away from the state as the jet stream winds flatten and more humid air returns. Along with the shifting upper-level winds, comes the return of showers and storms starting Friday.

A computer model forecast of smoke plume dispersion for Tuesday
Sun setting Monday impacted by wildfire smoke

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