INDIANAPOLIS – IN Focus is continuing to spotlight key races for Congress ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. One of the most contested primaries is in the 9th district race to replace Rep. Trey Hollingsworth.

This week we’re speaking with former congressman Mike Sodrel (R), who’s running for the seat he once held. Sodrel is looking to use his experience to separate himself from the massive list of Republicans, which includes a current state lawmaker, J. Davisson, along with former state senator Erin Houchin, who spoke with IN Focus earlier this month.

Sodrel believes he has more of a connection with the district following the redistricting process.

“Now they’ve added back the eastern counties and took Johnson County out,” Sodrel said. “So really it more resembles the district when I served it.”

Sodrel says he is looking to put his constituents first in addressing the nation’s issues.

Speaking on bipartisanship, he said it’s becoming more difficult to reach across the aisle. As the country becomes more divided, Sodrel says he’s finding it harder for lawmakers to come together to pass meaningful legislation. He thinks his style of decision-making can help work past partisan differences.

“The people that serve there are representatives of the districts that sent them,” Sodrel said. “We are divided as a people, so it’s very difficult… to come together when the people are this divided. But we can work at it, we need to.”

Watch more from congressional candidate Mike Sodrel in the video above.