IN Focus: Hill, Rokita battle for GOP attorney general nomination

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INDIANAPOLIS – With Indiana’s attorney general currently serving a 30-day suspension of his law license stemming from groping allegations he faced in 2018, a group of Republican candidates has emerged to challenge Curtis Hill for the party’s nomination and the chance to replace him next year as the state’s top law enforcement official.

Among the candidates challenging Hill for the GOP nomination: former Congressman Todd Rokita, who also served two terms as Indiana’s secretary of state.

Hill and Rokita both appeared on this week’s edition of IN Focus, ahead of next week’s virtual Republican convention, where party delegates will decide on this year’s nominee.

“We’re gaining support by the day because our campaign is offering grass roots conservatives a real choice to win in November,” said Rokita. “When you’re going for the state’s top attorney job and you lost your license while in office, and the highest court in our state has found that you’ve committed criminal battery, your political chances are done.”

But it’s not just Rokita standing in Hill’s way. Two other challengers are pursuing the nomination, including Decatur Co. prosecutor Nate Harter and attorney John Westercamp. And leading Republicans are also opposed to Hill staying in office, with Gov. Eric Holcomb standing by his calls for Hill to step down, and state party chair Kyle Hupfer also urging delegates to choose someone new.

“The Supreme Court unanimously confirmed that Curtis Hill committed battery against four female victims,” Hupfer said. “Hoosiers would be best served by having a new Attorney General.”

We asked Hill: How can you possibly overcome that kind of opposition within your own party?

“The opposition you speak of is rather limited because our party is made up of grass roots individuals, of delegates, who work hard to ascertain the truth of the situation and we have the support of the people,” said Hill.

Rokita and Hill also shared their thoughts on the ongoing discussion over police reform in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

Republican delegates will vote on a nominee next week, but the results may not be known until early July.

Democrats hold their convention this weekend, and by next week, the party is expected to reveal which candidate delegates have nominated for the office.

State Sen. Karen Tallian and former Evansville mayor Johnathon Weinzapfel are both seeking the party’s nomination for attorney general.

You can see more of our interviews with Hill and Rokita on this week’s edition of IN Focus, which airs every Sunday at 8:30 a.m. on CBS4 and again at 9:30 a.m. on FOX59.

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