IN Focus: VP Pence, Rep. Carson discuss election, protests in Kenosha

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INDIANAPOLIS – Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) appeared on this week’s edition of IN Focus, discussing the fight against COVID-19 and the protests in Kenosha amidst this election year full of political tensions.

“Unfortunately President Trump has used this opportunity to sow division,” said Carson. “He’s used this as a way to mobilize his base under racial undertones… we need someone in office who represents true American values.”

In the video above, Vice President Mike Pence also shares his thoughts on this week’s developments, in a one-on-one interview from our affiliate in Pennsylvania, where Pence campaigned this past week.

“We’re going to stand for law and order,” said Pence. “The President’s presence (in Kenosha last week) reaffirms our commitment to stand with families and law enforcement and to stand up to those who would be bringing violence and mayhem to out streets.”

Pence and his counterpart on the Democratic ticket, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) were both scheduled to campaign Monday in Wisconsin, another key battleground state in this year’s race.

Pence said he was “looking forward” to his debate with Sen. Harris in October.

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