INDIANAPOLIS — Following Tuesday’s primary elections in Indiana, FOX59’s own Dan Spehler was joined by two political analysts to discuss results.

Joined by Mike Murphy and Jennifer Wagner Chartier, Spehler discussed everything from the battle for Indiana’s 9th Congressional District seat to the effect the recent US Supreme Court leak had on the election.

According to both Murphy and Spehler, it was no surprise that Erin Houchin won the Republican nomination in the 9th District.

“She did a great job as a state senator, she is a conservative voice, she’s a woman,” Murphy said. “She is going to do a really good job representing southern Indiana in Congress.”

Another Hoosier who is currently representing Indiana in Congress is seeking another term: Incumbent GOP Senator Todd Young. Young is favored to win reelection, and Wagner Chartier questions the impact of a recently leaked Supreme Court opinion draft on Roe vs. Wade that signals the possible overturn of abortion at a federal level.

“The reality is in a lot of these races there are rights at stake for women. There are potentially marriage rights, other things that come out of that penumbra, the right of privacy that appears to be overturned by the Supreme Court,” Wagner Chartier began. “But I don’t know to be honest with you. We’re a very red state, and even if we weren’t a very red state — we’re a very pro-life state.”

As for other races, Murphy thinks the big victory of the primary belongs to Todd Huston, who is up for re-election to the Indiana House of Representatives to represent District 37. 

Two other incumbents in the House, John Jacob and Curt Nisly, both lost their races, and Murphy says that could be a benefit to Huston.

“If those guys [Jacob and Nisly] had won and added to their numbers, they would have created a voting bloc that Huston would have had to negotiate with…So the real win goes to Todd Huston tonight.”

One Democrat that saw victory in a state Senate race was Andrea Hunley for District 46. Wagner Chartier says all the candidates in the four-way race ran very different campaigns.

“I think Andrea [Hunley] went very much heavy on the digital side. For those of us who work in politics, it’s telling that she came out this victorious in a four-way primary.”

Looking ahead to the impact this election year has on Indiana politics, Wagner Chartier says she senses a potential shakeup within the Democratic field.

“There is definitely part of the Democratic party [in Marion County] that Republicans like to label and say, ‘Oh, it’s just the far left.’ But some of those progressive ideas actually align a great deal with some libertarian ideas and even some conservative values. I wonder if longer term there will be a trend to the middle instead of the extremes that we’re seeing in some of these races tonight.”

Murphy says he was particularly interested in House race for the open seat in District 25, which former state representative and parliamentarian Matt Whetstone ran in.

He says Whetstone’s ties to a casino linked to a funneling scandal involving a former state senator may have hurt him.

“[The race] may have been tainted somewhat by a perception of his involvement with – nothing has been alleged against him of course – his connections to Rod Radcliff and the gambling industry.”

You can find your local primary election results here.