HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. — Voters in Hamilton County will have a chance to reduce their tax rate while still supporting local schools this election cycle.

Westfield-Washington Schools has a referendum question on the November ballot. The corporation said the referendum would let them maintain class sizes, academic programming, and extracurricular offerings while lowering its tax impact.

The vote comes a year before the current referendum is set to expire. Corporation leadership says they decided to put the referendum on the ballot a year early to avoid the drastic measures that would come along with the potential loss in the final year of their referendum.

The referendum would decrease the current operating referendum rate from $0.2 to $0.17, a 15% reduction. The 2016 referendum, which this one would replace, also reduced the tax rate.

If the referendum does not pass, the district may be forced to make staffing cuts across the board. This includes teachers, instructional assistants, instructional coaches, bus drivers, aides, and other integral people in a student’s web of support.

You can follow along with the election results below:

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